“OMG – WiFi redefined, whole of home coverage. Your family won’t believe it.” EFTM Full Review
“An irresistible choice for those looking to beef up the speed and range of their home’s Wi-Fi network.” TechGuide Full Review
“We managed to get a clear signal about 35m from the rear of the house. Our current router can’t get a signal at these distances.” CYBER SHACK Full Review
“NETGEAR Orbi Seriously Lifts The Home Networking Bar” CHANNELNEWS Full Review
“NETGEAR’s twin-router network system solves the weak Wi-Fi problem plaguing many businesses and homes” Bit Full Review
“What the Orbi DOES best though is fill all but the most excessively large or labyrinthine of homes with a stable Wi-Fi signal.” PC & TECH AUTHORITY Full Review
“The two-unit Orbi kit is faster and easier to set up than every three-unit kit we tested...” WIRECUTTER Full Review

Award Winning Orbi WiFi System

Goodbye WiFi Dead Zones

From your front door to your backyard, get super strong WiFi in every inch of your home.


Don't Wait on Buffering

Innovative Tri-band WiFi delivers a crazy fast internet experience.

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Lots of Devices, No Sweat

Connect more devices to Orbi without losing speed or range.


Setup is a breeze

Preconfigured and ready out of box, use Orbi app to setup your whole home WiFi in minutes.

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Slide the selectors and discover the best Orbi WiFi Systems for your home.

Ready for WiFi everywhere?

The family of Orbi tri-band WiFi systems is designed for a broad range of home environments.

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